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A Tiny Glow - Poem by Leo Yankevich | Urdu Poetry

Poet : leo-yankevich
A Tiny Glow - Poem by Leo Yankevich
Without the moon or stars to guide his sight, 
without a glint from shanties down below, 
he rested on the foggy hill that night, 
and begged the heavens for a tiny glow.

Despair turned into dream... a little boat
with fishermen inside in search of faith, 
a boat which, neither sinking nor afloat, 
now blindly drifted past a drowning wraith.

And he among them, but incapable
of seeing a reflection in the waves, 
which lapped against the stormy parable
like hammers beating iron into staves.

But when he woke at dawn his eyes could see
light walking on the dew toward Galilee. 
Leo Yankevich

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