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Stanza (11)Stanza (12)Aa Gaya Ain Laraai Mein Agar Waqt-e-Namaz | Urdu Poetry

Poet : allama-iqbal
Stanza (11)Stanza (12)Aa Gaya Ain Laraai Mein Agar Waqt-e-Namaz
Stanza (11)

Aa Gaya Ain Laraai Mein Agar Waqt-e-Namaz
Qibla Ru Ho Ke Zameen Bos Huwi Qoum-e-Hijaz

 When worship’s ordained hour was come, and furious raged the battle’s fray,
Those men of Hijaz, staunch in You, facing Your Ka‘ba, bowed to pray.

Ek Hi Saf Mein Khare Ho Gaye Mahmood-o-Ayaz,
No Koi Banda Raha Aur Na Koi Banda Nawaz.

Mahmood the king and slave Ayaz, in line, as equals, stood arrayed,
The lord was no more lord to slave: while both to the One Master prayed.

Banda-o-Sahib-o-Mauhtaaj-o-Ghani Aik Huwe
Teri Sarkar Mein Pohanche To Sabhi Aik Huwe

Slave or slave’s master, rich or poor, no sense of difference then felt,
For each a brother was to each when in Your Presence, Lord, they knelt.

Stanza (12)

Mehfil-e-Kon-o-Makan Mein Sehar-o-Sham Phire
Mai-e-Tauheed Ko Lekar Sifat-e-Jam Phire

And You do know we went about at sunrise or when stars did shine,
In banquet-halls of Time and Space, like goblets, filled with tawhid’s wine

Koh Mein, Dasht Mein Le Kar Tera Pegham Phire
Aur Maaloom Hai Tujh Ko, Kabhi Nakaam Phire !

Both heights and lowlands we traversed to spread Your message; O glad pain!
Not even once, You know well, we strove against the world in vain.

Dasht To Dasht Hain, Darya Bhi Na Chhore Hum Ne
Bahr-e-Zulmaat Mein Daura Diye Ghore Hum Ne

Not only land we bore Your Word glorious across the heaving seas,
Upon our steed of zeal, we rode unto their darkest boundaries!

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