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The Intellect And The Heart | Urdu Poetry

Poet : allama-iqbal
The Intellect And The Heart
One day Intellect said to the heart
'A guide to the misguided ones I am

Being on the earth I reach up to the sky
Look, how deep in comprehension I am

Guidance on earth is my sole occupation
Like the auspicious Khidr 1 in character I am

Interpreter of the book of life I am
The Manifestation of God's Glory I am

You are only a dropp of blood, but
The invaluable ruby's envy I am'

Hearing this the heart said, 'All this is true
But look at me as well, what I am

You understand the secrets of life
But seeing them with my own eyes I am

Concerned with the manifest order you are
And acquainted with the inward I am

Learning is from you, but Divine Knowledge is from me
You only seek Divinity, but showing Divinity I am

Restlessness is the end of Knowledge 2
But the remedy for that malady I am

You are the candle of the assembly of Truth
The lamp of the Divine Beauty's assemblage I am

You are related to time and space
The bird recognizing the Sidrah 3 I am

Look at the grandeur of my station
The throne of the God of Majesty I am

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