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Iblees (Apne Musheeron Se) IBLIS (TO HIS COUNCILORS) | Urdu Poetry

Poet : allama-iqbal
Iblees (Apne Musheeron Se) IBLIS (TO HIS COUNCILORS)
Iblees (Apne Musheeron Se)

Hai Mere Dast-e-Tasarruf Mein Jahan-e-Rang O Bu

Kya Zameen, Kya Mehar O Mah, Kya Asaman-e-Tu Ba Tu

Absolute command have I of the world of scent and hue! 

The earth, the sun, the moon and the firmaments all

Dekh Lain Ge Apni Ankhon Se Tamasha Gharb-o-Sharak

Main Ne Jab Garma Diya Aqwam-e-Europe Ka Lahoo

With their own eyes shall the West and the East witness the Spectacle: 

When I but warm the blood of the nations of Europe

Kya Imamane Siasat, Kya Kaleesa Ka Shayookh

Sub Ko Diwana Bana Sakti Hai Meri Aik Hoo

The leaders of politics and the patriarchs of church all: 

One call from me would be enough to turn them mad.

Kargah Sheesha  Jo Nadan Samjhta Hai Usse

Tor Kar Dekhe To Iss Tehzeeb Ke Jam-o-Saboo!

The fool who considers it to be mere glass‐work: 

Let him dare smash the goblets and ewers of this Civilization.

Dast-e-Fitrat Ne Kiya Hai Jin Girebanon Ko Chaak

Mazdaki Mantaq Ki Souzan Se Nahin Hote Rafoo

The collars torn asunder by the hand of Nature: 

Can’t be darned with the needle of the Mazdakite logic.

Kab Dara Sakte Hain Mujh Ko Ishtaraki Koocha Gard

Ye Preshan Rozgar, Ashufta Maghz, Ashufta Mu

How could I be frightened by these Socialists, straying about the streets?
Wretched and straitened, distracted in mind, incoherent in speech!

Hai Agar Mujh Ko Khatar Koi To Uss Ummat Se Hai

Jis Ki Khatstar Mein Hai Ab Tak Shirar-e-Arzu

Amongst this people there are still to be seen a few

Which still a spark of ambition hidden in its ashes retains 

Khal Khal Iss Qaum Mein Ab Tak Nazar Ate Hain Vo

Karte Hain Ashak-E-Sehargahi Se Jo Zalim Wazoo

The only menace I anticipate may come that community: 

Who go so far as to perform their ablutions with the tears of pre‐morning hours.

Janta Hai, Jis Pe Roshan Batin-e-Ayyam Hai

Mazdkiat Fitna-e-Farda Nahin, Islam Hai!

Knows he to whom are revealed the inner secrets of Time: 

Not Mazdakism, but Islam is to be the trouble of the morrow.

Janta Hun Main Ye Ummat Hamal-e-Quran Nahin

Hai Wohi Sarmayadari Banda-e-Momin Ka Deen

I do know this community is no longer the bearer of the Quran: 

The same Capitalism is the religion of the Believer now 

Janta Hun Main Ke Mashriq Ki Andheri Raat Mein

Be Yad-e-Baiza Hai Peeran-e-Haram Ki Asteen

And I know, too, that in the dark night of the East
The sleeve of the holy ones of the Sanctuary is bereft of the white, illuminating hand.

Asre-e-Hazir Ke Taqazaon Se Hai Lekin Ye Khof

Ho Na Jaye Ashakara Shara-e-Peghambar Kahin

The demands of the present age, however, spell the apprehension: 

Lest the Shari‘ah of the Prophet should come to light one day:

Alhazar! Aaeen-e-Peghambar Se Sou Bar Alhazar

Hafiz-e-Namoos-e-Zan, Mard Azma, Mard-e-Afreen

Beware, a hundred times beware, of the Law of the Prophet!— 

The protector of women’s honour, the tester of men’s capacities, the rearer of worthy men!

Mout Ka Pegham Har Nu-e-Ghulami Ke Liye

Ne Koi Faghfoor-o-Khaqaan, Ne Fareeq-e-Reh Nasheen

The message of death to any kind of slavery!No 

sovereigns and no monarchs, no mendicants begging!

Karta Hai Doulat Ko Har Aaludgi Se Pak Saaf

Munemon Ko Maal-o-Doulat Ka Banata Hai Ameen

It does purify wealth of all pollution: 

It makes the wealthy trustees of wealth and property.

Iss Se Barh Kar Aur Kya Fikar-o-Amal Ka Inqilaab

Padshahon Ki Nahin, Allah Ki Hai Ye Zameen!

What greater revolution in thought and action will there be: 

Not to the crowned heads, but to God alone does this Earth belong!

Chasme Alam Se Rahe Poshida Ye Aaeen To Khoob

Ye Ghanimat Hai Ke Khud Momin Hai Mehroom-e-Yaqeen

Better, if this Law be kept hidden from the world’s eye: 

So much the better, the Believer himself is deprived of inner conviction.

Hai Ye Behter Elahiyat Mein Uljha Rahe

Ye Kitab Ullah Ki Taweelat Mein Uljha Rahe

Better that he remains busy and entangled in the metaphysical theology:
Better, that he remains busy and entangled in the interpretations of the Book of God.

Tor Dalain Jis Ki Takbeerain Talism-e-Shash Jihat

Ho Na Roshan Uss Khuda Andaish Ki Tareek Raat

Whose cries of God is Most High could break the charm of the universe:
May the dark night of that God‐thinking man not ever turn bright!

Ibne Mariam Mar Gya Ya Zinda Javaid Hai

Hain Sifat-e-Zaat-e-Haq, Haq Se Judda Ya Ayn Zaat?

Is the Son of Mary dead or is he endowed with eternal life? 

Are the Attributes of God separate from God, or do they form what He is?

Ane Wale Se Maseeh-e-Nasiri Maqsood Hai

Ye Mujaddid, Jis Mein Hon Farzand-e-Mariam Ke Sifat?

Does the expected mean Jesus of Nazareth? 

Or a Renewer, endowed with the attributes of the Son of Mary?

Hain Kalam Ullah Ke Alfaz Hadis Ya Qadeem

Ummat Marhoom Ke Hai Kis Aqeede Mein Nijat?

Are the letters of the Word of God New or of Old? 

In which of the doctrines does the salvation of the Blessed Community lies 

Kya Musalman Ke Liye Kafi Nahin Iss Dour Mein

Ye Elahiyat Ke Tarshay Huwe Laat- O-Manaat?

Are not enough to the Faithful in this age:
These idols of worship carved by Metaphysical Theology?

Tum Isse Begana Rakho Alam-e-Kirdar Se

Ta Bisat-e-Zindagi Mein Iss Ke Sub Muhre Hon Maat

Keep him separate from world of character

Until he loses all the plans(tactical moves) of life

Khair Issi Mein Hai, Qayamat Tak Rahe Momin Ghulam

Chor Kar Auron Ki Khatir Ye Jahan-e-Be-Sabat

Our safety lies in that Believer remains a slave till Doomsday: 

Renouncing this transitory world for others’ sake.

Hai Wohi Shair-o-Tasawwuf Iss Ke Haq Mein Khoob Tar

Jo Chupa De Iss Ki Ankhon Se Tamasha-e-Hayat

What is good in his case is that poetry and mysticism 

Which may keep hidden from his eyes the game of Life.

Har Nafas Darta Hun Iss Ummat Ki Baidari Se Mein

Hai Haqiqat Jis Ke Deen Ki Ahtisaab-e-Kainat

Every moment do I dread the awakening of this community
Whose religion is, in 
reality, nothing short of taking account of the universe

Mast Rakho Zikar-o-Fikar-e-Subhgahi Mein Isse

Pukhta Tar Kar Do Mazaaj-e-Khanqahi Mein Isse

Keep him well absorbed in the thought and contemplation of God in pre‐morning hours: 

Ye all make him grow stronger in his monastic disposition!

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