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Melmillo - Poem by Walter de la Mare | Urdu Poetry

Poet : walter-de-la-mare
Melmillo - Poem by Walter de la Mare
Three and thirty birds there stood 
In an elder in a wood; 
Called Melmillo -- flew off three, 
Leaving thirty in the tree; 
Called Melmillo -- nine now gone, 
And the boughs held twenty-one; 
Called Melmillo -- and eighteen 
Left but three to nod and preen; 
Called Melmillo -- three--two--one-- 
Now of birds were feathers none. 

Then stole slim Me.millo in 
To that wood all dusk and green, 
And with lean long palms outspread 
Softly a strange dance did tread; 
Not a note of music she 
Had for echoing company; 
All the birds were flown to rest 
In the hollow of her breast; 
In the wood -- thorn, elder willow -- 
Danced alone -- lone danced Melmillo. 
Walter de la Mare

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