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Mock Orange - Poem by Louise Gluck | Urdu Poetry

Poet : louise-gluck
Mock Orange - Poem by Louise Gluck
It is not the moon, I tell you. 
It is these flowers 
lighting the yard. 

I hate them. 
I hate them as I hate sex, 
the man's mouth 
sealing my mouth, the man's 
paralyzing body— 

and the cry that always escapes, 
the low, humiliating 
premise of union— 

In my mind tonight 
I hear the question and pursuing answer 
fused in one sound 
that mounts and mounts and then 
is split into the old selves, 
the tired antagonisms. Do you see? 
We were made fools of. 
And the scent of mock orange 
drifts through the window. 

How can I rest? 
How can I be content 
when there is still 
that odor in the world? 
Louise Gluck

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