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Parable of the Swans - Poem by Louise Gluck | Urdu Poetry

Poet : louise-gluck
Parable of the Swans - Poem by Louise Gluck
On a small lake off 
the map of the world, two 
swans lived. As swans, 
they spent eighty percent of the day studying 
themselves in the attentive water and 
twenty percent ministering to the beloved 
other. Thus 
their fame as lovers stems 
chiefly from narcissism, which leaves 
so little leisure for 
more general cruising. But 
fate had other plans: after ten years, they hit 
slimy water; whatever the filth was, it 
clung to the male's plumage, which turned 
instantly gray; simultaneously, 
the true purpose of his neck's 
flexible design revealed itself. So much 
action on the flat lake, so much 
he's missed! Sooner or later in a long 
life together, every couple encounters 
some emergency like this, some 
drama which results 
in harm. This 
occurs for a reason: to test 
love and to demand 
fresh articulation of its complex terms. 
So it came to light that the male and female 
flew under different banners: whereas 
the male believed that love 
was what one felt in one's heart 
the female believed 
love was what one did. But this is not 
a little story about the male's 
inherent corruption, using as evidence the swan's 
sleazy definition of purity. It is 
a story of guile and innocence. For ten years 
the female studied the male; she dallied 
when he slept or when he was 
conveniently absorbed in the water, 
while the spontaneous male 
acted casually, on 
the whim of the moment. On the muddy water 
they bickered awhile, in the fading light, 
until the bickering grew 
slowly abstract, becoming 
part of their song 
after a little longer. 
Louise Gluck

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