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Stanza (15)Stanza (16)Boott Sanam Khanon Mein Kehte Hain, Musalman Gye | Urdu Poetry

Poet : allama-iqbal
Stanza (15)Stanza (16)Boott Sanam Khanon Mein Kehte Hain, Musalman Gye
Stanza (15)

Boott Sanam Khanon Mein Kehte Hain, Musalman Gye
Hai Khushi In Ko Ke Kaabe Ke Nigehban Gye

In idol-houses, hark! they say, “Behold, the Muslim star sinks low!
How glad they are that now at last Your Ka'ba’s brave protectors go!

Manzil-e-dehr Se Unthon Ke Hudi Khawan Gye
Apni Baghlon Mein Dabaye Huwe Quran Gye

They say, “The world is well rid now of hymn-reciting camel-men,
Their Quran folded in their arms, At last they hie them from our ken!

Khandah Zan Kufr Hai, Ehsas Tujhe Hai Ke Nahin
Apni Touheed Ka Kuch Paas Tujhe Hai Ke Nahin

Thus they rejoice who own You not; Yet still unmindful seemest You
Of Yours own One-ness, Your Tawhid—Are You so unregarding now?

Stanza (16)

Ye Shikayatt Nahin, Hain Un Ke Khazane Maamur
Nahin Mehfil Mein Jinhain Baat Bhi Karne Ka Shaur

That ignorant men who lack the grace to ope their lips in conclave high
Should have their coffers treasure-filled, is not the burden of our sigh;

Qehar To Ye Hai Ke Kafir Ko Milain Hoor-o-Qasoor
Aur Bechare Musalman Ko Faqat Wada-e-Hoor

But O, that this world’s best should fall to unbelievers from Your hand
While we on promises are fed of pleasures in a shadowy land!

Ab Woh Altaf Nahin, Hum Pe Anayat Nahin
Baat Ye Kya Hai Ke Pehli Si Madarat Nahin

Where are those favours which You once upon our grateful hearts didst pour ?
Why cherishest You not, O Lord, The Faithful as in days of yore?

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