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Stanza (19)Stanza (20)Teri Mehfil Bhi Gai, Chahne Walw Bhi Gaye, | Urdu Poetry

Poet : allama-iqbal
Stanza (19)Stanza (20)Teri Mehfil Bhi Gai, Chahne Walw Bhi Gaye,
Stanza (19)

Teri Mehfil Bhi Gai, Chahne Walw Bhi Gaye,
Shab Ki Aahen Bhi Gaien, Subah Ke Nale Bhi Gaye,

Your  court-yard empties. They depart who came to worship and adore;
The midnight’s sighs, the dawn’s lament, now You wilt miss for evermore!

Dil Tujhe Debhi Gaye, Apna Sila Le Bhi Gaye,
Aa Ke Baithe Bhi Na The, Ke Nikaale Bhi Gaye.

They came, they gave their hearts to You, they had their recompense, and went.
But hardly they had seated been when from Your Presence they were sent!

Aae Ushaaq, Gaye Waada-e-Farda Lekar,
Ab Unhen Dhoond Charag-e-Rukh-e-Zeba Lekar!

They came glad lovers, begging love; with future promise turned away:
Go, shine Your Beauty’s lamp about and seek and win them if You may!

Stanza (20)

Dard-e-Laila Bhi Wohi, Qais Ka Pahlu Bhi Wohi,
Nejd Ke Dasht-o-Jabal Mein Ram-e-Aahoo Bhi Wohi,

The love of Layla burneth still, And Majnun passion’s yearning knows;
In hill and valley of the Nejd the fleet gazelle still leaping goes;

Ishq Ka Dil Bhi Wohi, Husn Ka Jaadoo Bhi Wohi,
Ummat-e-Ahmed-e-Mursil Bhi Wohi, Tu Bhi Wohi,

The soul of Love is still the same, still, Beauty’s magic charms enthral,
Your Ahmad’s feemen still abide; and You art there, the soul of all.

Phir Yeh Aazurdagi-e-Ghair-Sabab Kya Maani,
Apne Shaidaaon Pe Yeh Chashm-e-Ghazab Kya Maani?

Then Stranger! why estranged today the bond of love ‘twixt You and Yours?
Upon the Faithful, O Unkind, why frowns Your eye of wrath Divine?

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